Monday, October 25, 2010

Interior Design Degree


You're at present a fully certified interior designer and you've the interior design degree to prove it. So now that you've joined the elite group of the interior design world, what amazing interior design projects should you tackle. The best thing for you to do prior to advertising your presence to the world is to see if you can establish your reputation as an interior designer.

Your interior design degree is fantastic to look at but you require something more practical to satisfy your taste for changing your surroundings. This means using your friends as guinea pigs and witnessing how your ideas work out in reality. By exercising all of the ideas and methods that you learned in design school, you'll know the best way to get the results that you desire.

Additionally as an incentive your friends get a complimentary home redecorating make over at zero cost. If they like how you have re-designed their home, you can ask them to inform their other friends about this phenomenal interior designer that they know of. You'll have to find a way to make less of a mess when you're engaged with your masterpiece otherwise you will have a monumental cleaning up job to do.

Now that numerous people know that you have an interior design degree that qualifies you as an interior designer you'll need to find a good opening design job that you can do without any delays or having your client feeling unhappy with your selection of interior designs.

And this could be the toughest part in your entire career, keeping your first client without brimming over the allotted time and the budget you have. It might not be very easy as up till this point, you're probably not accustomed to dealing with clients per se, only your friends and your relatives.

But to put your interior design degree to good use you should ideally build up a good clientele and a solid reputation amidst your clientele for being prompt and on budget. You should also aim at giving them satisfaction since a happy client is a good client and they'll invariably recommend you to their friends as well. And that's where your interior design career could take off in a snap. So keep your interior design degree polished up and your people skills in maximal running condition, and hold on for the ride of your life.

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